Certificate Requirements

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Data Analytics Certificate Courses

Course Required or Elective Current Offering Future Offering
STAT 500 Applied Statistics
BUSAD 501 Statistical Analysis for Managerial Decision Making
Required FA I

(STAT 500)

DAAN 871 Data Visualization for Analytics Required   SP II
DAAN 897 Enterprise Analytics Strategies
(Prereq: STAT 500)
INSC 525 Applied Data Mining
SWENG 545 Data Mining
Required   SP II
(SWENG 545)
DAAN 822 Data Collection & Cleaning
(Prereq: IN SC 521 and STAT 500)
DAAN 825 Large-scale Database and Warehouse
(Prereq: IN SC 521)
Elective   SP I
DAAN 862 Analytics Programming in Python
(Prereq: STAT 500)
Elective FA II  
DAAN 881 Data-driven Decision Making
(Prereq: STAT 500)
Elective FA II  
DAAN 897 Deep Learning
(Prereq: STAT 500)
Elective   SP II
IE 575 Foundations of Predictive Analytics
(Prereq: STAT 500)
Elective   SP I
INSC 521 Database Design Concepts Elective FA I  
INSC 846 Network and Predictive Analytics for Socio-Technical Systems Elective  


SYSEN 530 Systems Optimization Elective FA II  
SYSEN 536 Decision and Risk Analysis Elective FA I  

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